IN PROGRESS: The “if only I could afford Cue dresses” dress muslin #1

Long time, no post! I’ve been working, cooking, cleaning and on holidays interstate, so unfortunately not much sewing has been happening of late. It’s a pity, because I’ve been itching to sew!

I’m mid-way through watching Susan Khalje’s very well regarded The Couture Dress on Craftsy and loving every minute of it. I started on my holiday and tore through seven lessons in a couple of days. Now I am unfortunately back in the “real world” my progress will be stunted, but it’s great just to watch and get excited about sewing something beautiful.

Speaking of which, I’m working on a muslin for V8723!

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Sewing update

Things have NOT been quiet on the sewing front, despite how little I’ve been blogging about sewing. I’m actually giving myself a “sewing holiday” at the moment and working on a couple of things, including the shirtdress pattern from Gertie’s book with this rose-print cotton lawn! As you can see, it’s very sheer so I am going to underline it with an off-white lawn and use self-covered buttons. All things going well, I should have it completed by the end of the week! Eeek! Continue reading