Ginger skirt – FINISHED

How has it taken me this long to sew up a Ginger? The pattern is great! I am already imagining at least three more Gingers being added to the to-sew list.

P1110381It’s just a pity I’m a dummy who didn’t think to cut the skirt front on the fold. DOINK! Continue reading

Leftovers skirt – FINISHED


Calling this the “Leftovers skirt” combines many of my loves – sewing (duh), food (or connotations of it at least), and resourcefulness. I hate waste! I have been known to refuse to grocery shop for three weeks purely to use up all the food in the fridge/freezer and veggie patch. In fact, I could probably go SIX weeks (my pantry is chockers), but running out of cheese will without fail drive me to do groceries. I have a minimum of six to eight kinds of cheese on hand at all times, so running out is a BIG effort. But I digress! Where were we? Oh yes, sewing! Continue reading