My favourite vegetarian chilli recipe

This recipe is one of the very few I cook on a regular basis. I’m one of those cooks who 70 per cent of the time is cooking a new recipe. I am never satisfied that I’ve found the best butter cake recipe, or the best bolognese. I mean, my butter cake and bolognese are pretty good, but the best? I can’t commit to that!

However, I’m pretty confident this is the best vegetarian chilli bean recipe I’ll ever come across. I love it for its simplicity, pantry-dominated ingredient list, and, most importantly, its ability to gain compliments from vegos and meat eaters alike.


I estimate I’ve made this recipe no fewer than 100 times, and most of the time I will vary the ingredients slightly. I might add some extra veggies if I have some in the fridge, or swap mexi-beans for kidney beans or cannellini beans or chickpeas. I think the essential parts of the recipe are the combination of spices and the rich tomato base. Everything else is a matter of personal preference, or ingredient availability.

I will post my original recipe here, but you will note in the pictures I added mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and celery to this particular cook-up, and served my chilli with toasted wholemeal pita crisps and natural yoghurt. I usually serve my vego chilli with rice and sour cream (or natural yoghurt when I’m being a good girl), but LL loves it most with grated cheese, sour cream and avocado in tortillas. It also goes without saying it is perfect for tacos, nachos, burritos, even as a pizza topping. It is freezer friendly, keeps for the better part of a week in the fridge, and tastes frickin’ amazing. Had I not mentioned that? Continue reading