That. dress. And one shameless obsession.


If you’re not Australian or have a particular penchant for Aussie political journos, let me introduce you to my idol, Annabel Crabb.


Image copyright ABC 2013. All rights reserved. Credit: Facebook.

She’s the one in the yellow dress I am on a desperate Google search to find the origin of right now.

Not only is she a widely read (and respected) political journalist, she has a TV show where she gets to bake AND get to talk politics all day AND wear amazing clothes at the same time. It probably doesn’t sound all that exciting to 99% per cent of people, but I tell ya what, that’s my ultimate… except the being on TV part, but I digress. When LL and I were watching her show tonight, he actually cracked up laughing when Annabel interrupted a slightly awkward/tense moment with a … let’s call him an *eccentric* (read: difficult) conservative senator … by saying, “so, shall we have cake?” LL cracked up laughing and said, “This show is SO you.” Damn straight. Continue reading


An ode to the Cambie (and why you should never be scared to start a new hobby)

Which pattern got you sewing?

Every sewist has a different answer to this question. Was it something about the styling of the photographs, the fabric used, or the way the garment fits the model so perfectly that got you finally figuring out how to thread a bobbin and read a cutting layout?

For me, it was Pinterest that introduced me to the Cambie dress, and the world of sewing blogging. It was about two years ago now, and at risk of sounding clich├ęd, my life has been changed!

cambie dress

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IN PROGRESS: The “if only I could afford Cue dresses” dress muslin #1

Long time, no post! I’ve been working, cooking, cleaning and on holidays interstate, so unfortunately not much sewing has been happening of late. It’s a pity, because I’ve been itching to sew!

I’m mid-way through watching Susan Khalje’s very well regarded The Couture Dress on Craftsy and loving every minute of it. I started on my holiday and tore through seven lessons in a couple of days. Now I am unfortunately back in the “real world” my progress will be stunted, but it’s great just to watch and get excited about sewing something beautiful.

Speaking of which, I’m working on a muslin for V8723!

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How to fix box pleats that just don’t line up

When I was sewing my Elisalex dress I had a hell of a time trying to get the bodice to match the skirt. I’m sure it was a glaringly obvious step that I overlooked or stuffed up in the fitting/pattern alteration stage, but those damn box pleats just would not match up with the princess seams and side seams on my skirt back, or if I pinned them that way, there was all sorts of issues. I clipped the hell out of my skirt to stretch out to fit my bodice, sewed it up, and was horrified at the results.


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