Red birdie voile Hawthorn dress – FINISHED

I am SEW *hahem* productive when I neglect housework, gardening and cooking. It’s scary how much free time I can wrangle when I exit the world as a functioning, full-time working human with social commitments and a farm to look after.
It’s almost like that four-seater couch covered in a MOUNTAIN of washing actually will fold itself, and if I don’t think about it too much, Vegemite toast is a wholesome and nutritious dinner.

That was last week, and it was a good week, because I made a dress!


A pattern repeat, but a good one! It’s another Colette Hawthorn after I loved (and received many a compliment on) my polka dot chambray Hawthorn. Continue reading

Polka dot chambray Hawthorn – FINISHED

Polka dots + shirt dress = just try and stop me wearing this dress every day of summer!

The ever-popular Colette Hawthorn is the pattern, if you hadn’t already recognised it, and it’s a good’un!


The fabric is so soft, lightweight and drapey and was a great eBay buy. It was hard to match thread, though, but I went with an almost purpley blue colour that looks pretty close. Continue reading