The stuff you do when you’re not doing the stuff you LOVE to do

So I’m actually on holidays from work at the moment, which is great for getting stuff done around the house, but not so great because not a lot of it is sewing. LL and I have been doing quite a bit of renovating of late, and while we are still decades upon decades away from our dream home, it’s nice to make small achievements. Here’s what we’ve been up to of late: Continue reading

the week in pictures


I don’t plan on making a habit of these weekly “what’s happening in boring Lauren land” posts, but for some reason the past week has represented itself in my phone pics and I feel like sharing it with you, blogosphere. Of course, it is very loosely related to baking and sewing, but unfortunately my hobbies take up about 5 per cent of my waking life and farm life/work life/boring stuff takes up the other 95 per cent. But, so what? I’m going to share anyways! Continue reading