Ginger skirt – FINISHED

How has it taken me this long to sew up a Ginger? The pattern is great! I am already imagining at least three more Gingers being added to the to-sew list.

P1110381It’s just a pity I’m a dummy who didn’t think to cut the skirt front on the fold. DOINK!

I had this fabric in my stash from many moons ago. I actually bought it to sew my very first dress (with my mum’s help). I had almost a metre leftover, and with some creative cutting, I managed to squeeze the Ginger pieces out of it. It’s a beautiful quality stretch sateen and I LOOOVE the print. The whole centre front seam is a real bugger, but at least the pattern is kind busy. At least that’s what I’m telling myself!


I actually held off making this skirt because I’m waiting on my invisible zipper foot to arrive at my local Janome shop. You know, that whole support your local retailer thing. HOWEVER, it’s been about a month and I’m still waiting. Not cool! I should’ve ordered off eBay. Lesson learned! Anyway, I managed to put the zipper in with some mucking around with the needle position and using my piping foot.


Pattern alterations and design changes

Nothing to report here – this baby is a straight size 6 version 1 with the angled waistband. As I mentioned,  I really should have had the foresight to eliminate the centre front seam and cut the skirt front on the fold. Next time!


Construction notes

I have long admired Colette Patterns but up until recently I hadn’t actually purchased any. The instructions for Ginger are really wonderfully detailed and the skirt comes together so quickly. I actually made the entire thing in about five hours, including the time it took me to cook dinner and clean up. It would have taken me even less time if I had a proper invisible zipper foot, and of course now I’m familiar with the pattern it will be even quicker next time. I have nothing but good things to say about this pattern!


I’m thinking next up is one in denim with the curvy waistband. I just think the shape is so flattering and given how quick it was to sew, I see no reason not to make more. It was also SO refreshing to sew something that didn’t need alterations. I have another finished project to show you guys in coming days that was quite heavy on the alterations, so the Ginger was a wonderfully satisfying break!


I have always admired Ginger, but my hands down favourite Colette pattern is the Hawthorn, so I can’t wait to get cracking on that!

5 thoughts on “Ginger skirt – FINISHED

  1. Keep in mind that the front seam is shaped, so if you do it on the fold you may need to use darts (I thought about this with my second Ginger, too). Looks great though! I, too, took a while to get on the Ginger Wagon, and now my boring old brown version is one of my most-worn items!

  2. Hi there, I’ve just found your lovely blog and pictures of your Ginger skirt – it looks great (and only you would know about the centre seam vs no centre seam). It’s a great pattern isn’t it? Do you think it would be possible to have too many Ginger skirts – I’m thinking one for every day of the week! Best wishes.

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