The stuff you do when you’re not doing the stuff you LOVE to do

So I’m actually on holidays from work at the moment, which is great for getting stuff done around the house, but not so great because not a lot of it is sewing. LL and I have been doing quite a bit of renovating of late, and while we are still decades upon decades away from our dream home, it’s nice to make small achievements. Here’s what we’ve been up to of late:

photo(7)photo(9) photo(8)

Bedroom and walk-in progress

Woo hoo! The end is in sight for our bedroom. We are in the process of laying the carpet and finishing off the trimmings. LL has obtained his parents’ old carpet which they recently ripped up. We are laying it ourselves to save cashola, and in a few decades/lifetimes we plan to give the whole house a new lick of carpet. Until then, second-hand and some elbow grease is all we can afford.

I was most atonished to come home from a girls’ weekend away for a friend’s hens’ party and discover LL had ripped up the carpet, painted the bedroom and started laying new (old) carpet. He is so useful! Note to self: be nicer to LL for being awesome.


Lauren v veggie patch

What you can see is maybe a quarter of the size of our veggie patch. It’s HUGE. I mean, we do live on a farm so it’s actually quite small compared to the rest of the property, but when it comes to one woman, a garden fork and a year’s worth of weeds, it’s TORTURE. I’ve spent two days digging the damn thing up and I’m sunburnt, sore, and feel like I’ve been doing squats at the gym, only I’ve achieved more and spent zero dollars. Here’s how it looks now:


Now to plan what crops to put in and how to rotate them and their companion plants and all that stuff… a lot of work, but so worth it in the end. Nothing like a home grown tomato!


New purchases!

I visited my sister at the weekend while I was on my girly weekend away. She works at a chain craft store and I managed to spend a small fortune on adding to my ever-growing fabric and pattern stash under the pretence of saving money because I had her staff discount. While I bought several new fabrics, I was restrained enough to only buy the one pattern, which was on sale for $5. Bargain! Not sure when I’ll make it, perhaps when winter rolls around again, but I do love this style!


…. beagles!

Nothing new here, I just wanted to run a pic of my pesties, because, well, look how cute they are?!

And that’s it from me. I will be back in a few days with a finished sewing project. Hurrah!


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