Lemon & berry yoghurt loaf

lemon berry yoghurt loaf

I have made this delicious recipe quite a few times because it always gets rave reviews. This latest bake was for LL to take to his work for morning tea, and, according to him, it was a great success. He said it was the first cake to be finished and he received several requests for the recipe. Now I don’t know if he’s just embellishing to flatter my ego, but having eaten this cake myself, I’m inclined to say it’s just a great recipe that is both easy and guarantees mouth-watering results every time. Give it a go!


I found the recipe on Pinterest and I am so glad I gave it a go. I’m not going to post the recipe here because I didn’t alter it – apart from the fact I used mixed berries. Instead, visit the blog and direct your praise to the author.


I’m actually kind of depressed I didn’t get to eat any… I might have to make another!


Oh, and don’t skip the syrup and glaze. I guess you *can*, but I promise you this cake is worth every calorie.



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