Leftovers skirt – FINISHED


Calling this the “Leftovers skirt” combines many of my loves – sewing (duh), food (or connotations of it at least), and resourcefulness. I hate waste! I have been known to refuse to grocery shop for three weeks purely to use up all the food in the fridge/freezer and veggie patch. In fact, I could probably go SIX weeks (my pantry is chockers), but running out of cheese will without fail drive me to do groceries. I have a minimum of six to eight kinds of cheese on hand at all times, so running out is a BIG effort. But I digress! Where were we? Oh yes, sewing!

After Elisalex the third (or ponte 2.1), I was pretty chuffed to discover I had enough fabric to cut another circle skirt. Winner! In a move of complete sewing naivete, I thought I’d just wing the construction of the skirt, which was kind of a dumb idea. I got myself confused and had to redo the invisible zip a couple of times (it was only my second invisible zip), and I kept changing my mind about how I was going to do the waistband, so had I just googled a DAMN tutorial, I would’ve saved myself a lot of second-guessing and unpicking.


There’s nothing particularly exciting about this skirt apart from the fact it was EASY (once I figured out what the hell I was doing) and it was a great stash buster, seeing as I had the zipper on hand. I even came to the very end of the thread spool as I was backstitching when finishing sewing the hem!


I really like circle skirts! They are more flattering for full-hipped ladies such as moi as they don’t give you all that extra bulk around the tummy and hips, although I will point out how freakin’ HUGE my bum looks.


Give up cheese you say? NEVER!!!!


Leah and Digs decided to get all cute and sooky looking while I was self-indulgently photographing myself. They sure know how to turn it on for the camera.


Leah’s bum makes a great pillow, apparently!


Gosh darnit I have the cutest dogs!

4 thoughts on “Leftovers skirt – FINISHED

  1. Hi, Lauren! Thanks for this funny post. Like you, I get very excited about using up all the stuff in my fridge or fabric stash, but it’s all over when I run out of cheese. I like your skirt, and I love your styling! (Adorable polka dot cardi.) Don’t worry, invisible zippers get easier each time you do them!

    • Thanks for your lovely comments! Always happy to hear from a fellow cheese addict! I do love my polka dot cardi. It goes with practically everything (although I find sometimes I’ll be wearing it with a polka dot jacket and using my polka dot umbrella and realising I may have a polka dot problem to go with the cheese addiction :))

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