the week in pictures


I don’t plan on making a habit of these weekly “what’s happening in boring Lauren land” posts, but for some reason the past week has represented itself in my phone pics and I feel like sharing it with you, blogosphere. Of course, it is very loosely related to baking and sewing, but unfortunately my hobbies take up about 5 per cent of my waking life and farm life/work life/boring stuff takes up the other 95 per cent. But, so what? I’m going to share anyways!

dinosaur egg

5. My chickens are laying dinosaur eggs, or something

Yup. What the? I swear that mammoth egg came from a regular-sized chicken. When I had it for breakfast the next day (how could I not?!), it was a double yolker. Massive egg = big breakfast. No complaints there.


4. Strawberry frozen yoghurt

At the moment I’m trying and failing to stick to a healthy eating plan, but my biggest downfall is all the junk food that my coworkers and I make a habit of consuming on an hourly basis. I made strawberry frozen yoghurt and portioned it into little containers to give me a healthier option when it’s snack o’clock at work. The problem is, I keep forgetting to take the damn yoghurt to work! Oh well. LL is eating it, at least.

piggy cupcakes

3. Pigby cupcakes

Speaking of snack o’clock, we had this fundraiser cupcake day for the RSPCA at work on Monday. In previous years I have tried to make beagle-themed cupcakes (of course), but I am no good with fondant. Thanks to that wonderful thing called Google, I found instructions to make these little babies and they were MUCH simpler than rolling fondant and piping beagle ears made out of chocolate and other crazy shenanigans. For these piggies, I made the edible eyes out of royal icing! I am pretty happy with how they turned out. Beagles next year, perhaps?!

cow WTF

2. There’s a cow in my driveway

This only comes in at no.2 because, well, there’s a cow in my driveway! How the hell are you supposed to return a COW to its owners? Thankfully, I didn’t have to find out. My pesky pests wouldn’t let me near the damn thing and chased it out the driveway when I approached it. It ran down our road and I think the neighbours returned it to its owner. But seriously, imagine waking up to a cow in your driveway. That’s farm life for ya!

new patterns YA


Ohmygosh I am SO excited about these patterns. Of course, I haven’t actually sewed anything from my last pattern binge (yet) because I have been trying to do a few mini projects (i.e. my third Elisalex, cushions for the couch seen in the background there, mending and so on)… but that is no matter! I have been obsessing over these patterns for YOINKS and it only took one sleepless night where I was obsessing about sewing and planned projects and future projects and fabric I have and fabric I want etc etc when I thought, “fuck it. It’s 4am. Do something productive if you’re not going to sleep.” Well, sewing involved getting out of bed, but shopping did not! Winner! I also bought fabric for the Hawthorn which I am SO excited about. I haven’t actually made a Colette pattern before despite my love of all the Colette designs, so I am looking forward to getting into that!

And that was my week! I actually finished TWO projects this past week, and I will blog as soon as I take pics. Next on the cutting table is a muslin for M2818.

Now allow me to be the first one to acknowledge how freakin’ ugly the fabrics are on the model… but I feel like I can make this pattern awesome, despite the very 80s feel to it. I have fabric for AT LEAST four versions, so this muslin will be well worth the effort in terms of getting the perfect fit. Plus, being a Palmer/Pletsch pattern, it has all these adjustment lines and like four pages of pattern instructions on altering the fit, so I’m hoping I come up with something flattering.

I also have to make another Gertie’s pencil skirt, Gertie’s shirtwaist dress after the epic failure that came about because of my lack of muslin-ing, and many, many more!

OK! Less bitching, more stitching! Toodles!


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