elisalex the third – FINISHED


ANOTHER Elisalex, you say? Damn straight! After two muslins I wasn’t going to just make this baby once!

My charcoal ponte Elisalex is SUCH a great wardrobe staple for winter. It is comfy, and because I shaved those princess seams down to fit me perfectly (plus the magic of stretch fabrics), it shows off my curves without being skin tight in the wrong places. It made perfect sense for me to make this in another colour, and I do love red!


OK… it’s tight across the boobs, but how am I supposed to hide those things? GAH



I love the low back. It looks much more elegant when you make it out of a dressier fabric, but I think it still works with this comfy double knit.



Pattern alterations and design changes

As with my charcoal Elisalex, I eliminated the zipper by cutting the centre back on the fold. Other changes I made included not lining it, and the obvious one being swapping the tulip skirt for the circle skirt. I love the tulip skirt, but not for a fairly drapey fabric like ponte. I made several fitting adjustments, including an FBA, shortening the bodice, tapering the princess seams in under the bust and making two tucks in the back princess seams to eliminate some gaping action I had going there.

P1110107 P1110112

Construction notes

The absolute best thing about this dress is how QUICK it is to sew. I just overlocked all the seams and that keeps everything neat on the inside. For the hem, sleeves and neckline, I turned up 5/8″, stitched it down, and then went along with my embroidery scissors and trimmed as closely as I could to the stitching line. Ponte doesn’t fray, so YAY!

P1110117 P1110108

The only small issue I have with this dress – or rather with myself – is that it wouldn’t have hurt to give it a zipper. I can get the dress on no worries because the fabric is quite stretchy, but I ripped some of the stitching inadvertently in my haste to try it on after I finished it. I just restitched (making sure I used a stretch stitch) and I haven’t heard the stitches pop, but still, a zipper would probably be wise if anyone is considering making an Elisalex with a stretch fabric for themself.

P1110094 P1110093

I doubt this will be my last Elisalex… it’s nearly spring and that requires a whole new season of Elisalexes in floral fabrics with poofy tulip skirts and shorter sleeves!

I think next up in the queue is a knit tee, but I have lots of big plans for what I’d like to do next!

I have recently put my organisational/OCD tendencies to good use and compiled my pattern list, fabric stash and wardrobe wishlist into a spreadsheet, complete with colour-coded lists of projects ranked in order of ease and whether or not I have all the supplies. Some of you might think this is disgustingly organised. I like to think of myself as a productive procrastinator!

11 thoughts on “elisalex the third – FINISHED

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  3. Cute dress! I LOVE the idea of making a spreadsheet for your stash and ideas! Pretty geeky, but a great idea. I might just have to get my Excel-expert husband to make one for ME.

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