The I-wish-I-could-afford-Cue dress – FINISHED

Woohoo! A finished project to share.

Let me introduce you to the dress I’ve dubbed the I-wish-I-could-afford-Cue dress, aka, Vogue 8723. It’s a fully lined, sleeveless, fitted bodice with bust and waist darts, a high neckline, gathered full skirt and centre back zipper. It’s a Very Easy Vogue and has custom-fit cup sizes. Winner! Oh, and it has pockets. Double winner!

Here it is!


Being such a simple pattern, I wanted to have a go at matching checks. Now I’ve done it – and I must admit I like the finished product – I will always remember how much of a biiiitch it was to do! After I finished fecking with the muslin I spent almost half a day just matching the bloody checks before cutting the fabric out. I’m sure I won’t be as hesitant next time, although I suspect this is the kind of thing you really have to check, double check, triple check, etc. I think I did an OK job for the most part. I matched the centre back seams and one side of the skirt perfectly, the other side not so perfect but good enough, and I didn’t even know where to start with bodice darts so they were unexpectedly OK. The staps are… well… don’t look at the straps.

P1100991 P1100988 P1100990 P1100987 P1100986 P1110014

Pattern alterations and design changes

I made two muslins for this dress (first one here, second not blogged). After sewing the first muslin I determined I needed to take a couple of cm out of the neckline (it gaped quite a bit) so I used this tutorial and it worked a treat! I had quite a bit of gaping so I used the method where you transfer the tuck to the bust dart.

The dress is a straight size 10 with the C cup bodice. I chose it based on the finished pattern measurements, which were exactly to my measurements bust and waist wise (36.5-27.5). There is no ease in this dress. I generally like them that way but there’s a bit of a fabric pinch thing going on around the armscye. I’m sure that’s a sign of an ill-fitted dress, but whenever I sew a size 12 bodice it is ooodles too big for my back and waist (by my standards anyway). Note to self: research underarm skin hanging over armsyce and how to alter pattern … lovely!

P1100993 P1110012

I also shortened the bodice by 1.5cm in the pattern altering stage, but when I was sewing the dress up (despite my painstaking check-matching) the checks didn’t line up any more! So I may have shaved a it more off then, too. It probably is a teeeeensy bit too short, which is odd because I have a short waist so I didn’t think I would have that problem, but oh well! I think the 1.5cm would have been enough. You can see where it sits on me in these pics without the belt.

P1110017 P1110016

I also lowered the neckline about 6cm and then lengthened the straps. It probably doesn’t look that obvious but I REALLY needed to lower the neckline. Anything too high really overwhelms my frame because I have so much boob. They are really getting quite tiresome (the boobs, not the neckline), and I think they make me look about 5kg bigger than I’d like to be… maybe that’s because I’m about 7kg bigger than I’d like to be. Hahem.

P1110008 P1110007 P1110005 P1110011

Construction notes

The aforementioned check-matching issues were easily the biggest pain in the bum of making this dress. Everything else was wonderfully straight forward and definitely suited to a beginner.

I lined the bodice with a polka dot white cotton I had in the stash. I paid $2.50 for two metres of the stuff at a retro fabric sale. I love the lining as much as I love the shell fabric!

P1110030  P1110025 P1110029 P1110024

Sewing with checks was a pain when matching them, but it made it easy to cut out straight lines and to hem the dress! These checks were EXACTLY 1.5cm horizontally so I used them as a guide when cutting and sewing. So it wasn’t all bad!


And that’s it! Now I have to decide what my next project is. I am thinking maybe another pencil skirt, or perhaps an attempt at Gertie’s shirtwaist dress – but one that fits me! I am also considering another ponte Elisalex dress, but a stripey one with short sleeves. Hmmm. Not to mention, I’m still on a mission to find the perfect yellow fabric to replicate this yellow dress (as I blogged about yesterday).


Copyright ABC 2013. All rights reserved. Credit: Facebook

So many options! How’s a girl to find time to sew it all?

4 thoughts on “The I-wish-I-could-afford-Cue dress – FINISHED

  1. i found you while looking up reviews of this pattern. i picked it up yesterday and i’m getting ready to start my first muslin…wish me luck…thanks for all of the detailed pix. the inside of your dress is so lovely and professional!

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