IN PROGRESS: The “if only I could afford Cue dresses” dress muslin #1

Long time, no post! I’ve been working, cooking, cleaning and on holidays interstate, so unfortunately not much sewing has been happening of late. It’s a pity, because I’ve been itching to sew!

I’m mid-way through watching Susan Khalje’s very well regarded The Couture Dress on Craftsy and loving every minute of it. I started on my holiday and tore through seven lessons in a couple of days. Now I am unfortunately back in the “real world” my progress will be stunted, but it’s great just to watch and get excited about sewing something beautiful.

Speaking of which, I’m working on a muslin for V8723!

Without sounding like a derogatory bitch, I haven’t seen many amazing versions of this dress on the interwebs. It could be that it’s a dud pattern, although the reviews are positive (but none of the creations I’ve seen have really done it for me).

I’m setting out to change that, or, to at least bolster the case that the pattern is a bit of a dud and add another ho-hum rendition of this pattern to its Google Images search.

I started a muslin for the bodice of this dress about three weeks ago (before going away) and meant to write up this post while I was on hols. Even though I had 10 days of very little to do, I still couldn’t find time to blog or go for a run. Go figure!

And now for some unflattering pics of me and my not-so-attractive midriff.muslin front 3

That’s the front. Hi boobs!

muslin back2

The back with a poor zipper insertion. The only zipper I had was waaaaaay too sort and Lee Lee didn’t do an ideal job of pinning me in, but by this stage I realised I needed another muslin and thought I’d let it ride.

muslin side2

Side views. That pink ribbon is supposed to show where my waist is.

muslin side1

And a closer-up view of the front.

muslin front 2

Please excuse the mess! I was packing! OK. Let’s talk fit issues.

  • Neckline so high! Having such a large bust, I really needed to lower it a bit otherwise it was just overwhelming my frame. In these pictures I have lowered it 6.3cm. I didn’t pin the straps right to the sides of the bodice, but I made a note to do that in muslin #2.
  • Bodice too long. You can just make out that pink ribbon in the pics. That’s where my waist hits. I think I definitely need to shave a bit off the bodice. About 1.5cm should do the trick.
  • Gaping neckline. You can see in the side view pics that I have a gaping neckline issue going on here. I found some tutorial online about shifting neckline gape to the horizontal bust darts. Whether this fixes the issue or not will be revealed in muslin #2!
  • Lengthen straps. Because I’ve dropped the neckline I need to make the straps a smidge longer. One of the more simple things I can do.

Those are the issues I’ll be looking to iron out in muslin #2. I am also aware of those horizontal drag lines around my back waist which suggest the bodice is too tight there. I don’t think it will be a problem in my fashion fabric as it has a teeeeensy bit of stretch and I do like to have my dresses with zero ease on the waist otherwise I tend to look like a big boobed block. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll cut bigger seam allowances when using my main fabric just in case I need to get some more width at the side seams.

Speaking of my fashion fabric, it’s an awesome black and white checked woven fabric that reminds me of what I’d see in Cue, hence the name of this dress!

black and white poly check

I don’t think it was very expensive (I bought it many moons ago!) but I have had it earmarked for this pattern for yoinks. I am going to go to the effort of matching the checks, I swear it!

I can’t wait to finish this dress. I am hoping it looks as good as I imagine it will with opaque black stockings and black heels!

Any comments/criticisms/etc., please feel free to share!


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