Gertie’s Shirtwaist Dress – FINISHED (ish)


I hate unfinished projects. They weigh on my mind and give me a perpetual sense of guilt for starting something and not seeing it through.

That’s why I have spent upwards of 40 hours on this damned dress. And you know what? It doesn’t even fit. Continue reading

Gertie’s Pencil Skirt – FINISHED

Yippee! I am happy to be able to show off one of the products of my sewing holiday! For about a week all I had to do was slipstitch the hem but I kept putting it off until I was going to have a night in front of the TV… didn’t happen on my holiday, so last night I managed to JUST finish the hand stitching in my dinner break at work. Of course, I wore the skirt to work the very next day!

front view 1

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Sewing update

Things have NOT been quiet on the sewing front, despite how little I’ve been blogging about sewing. I’m actually giving myself a “sewing holiday” at the moment and working on a couple of things, including the shirtdress pattern from Gertie’s book with this rose-print cotton lawn! As you can see, it’s very sheer so I am going to underline it with an off-white lawn and use self-covered buttons. All things going well, I should have it completed by the end of the week! Eeek! Continue reading

Spicy sweet potato and lentil soup

spicy sweet potato and lentil soup

Brrr! It’s getting wintry here in old Oz and I am craving comfort (high calorie) foods like pastas, pies and potato-laden soups. I’ve been whipping up a few minestrones and vegetable soups and stashing them in the freezer for a super easy lunch when I’m running out the door on my way to work. This particular recipe is a mish mash of my favourite spicy lentil soup and a sweet potato soup that I just love. The pic doesn’t make it look particularly amazing, but hopefully you’ll give it a go and let me know what you think.

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Can’t-go-wrong cannelloni


Allow me to add the 10 trillionth recipe for spinach and ricotta cannelloni to the internets. I wouldn’t bother if I didn’t think my cannelloni was worthy. It’s a popular dish that everyone seems to have their own version of – like bolognese or fried rice. My version takes no shortcuts – you make the tomato sauce, no pre-packaged fillings and if I’m in the mood, fresh homemade pasta. If not, I’m happy enough with store-bought fresh pasta sheets.

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