Practical sewing v fun sewing

As much as I want to order this gorgeous dress pattern, I have quite a few planned projects that have been sitting around for a while and my conscience is telling me to start one of those before I pull out the credit card and place a bulk order with any number of awesome indie patternmakers.

Most importantly, I have a few new home sewing tasks I’ve been putting off, primarily because they’re not as fun or as rewarding as sewing clothes for yours truly.

Hemming curtains that I hate (they were here when we bought the house) does not sound like a great use of my precious sewing time, but seeing as it is such a teeny tiny job, I can hardly continue to put it off. I want to make curtains for every room in the house, but seeing as I can’t even choose paint colours, the thought of choosing fabric for curtains makes my head spin.

choc curtains choc curtains 2

Some of the more “fun” jobs would only take me an afternoon, and yet I still haven’t got around to them.

I’ve purchased fabric to make funky pillow cases for the couch cushions, and I have a pair of mint green jeans that are a bit too big and only need the side seams taken in.

Here are the aforementioned cushion cover fabrics:

couch cushion fabrics

I am also (unashamedly) currently wearing pyjama pants with a rip from my butt cheek to the back of my knee. And it can’t be that hard to make new pyjama pants. I’d love to make this pattern:

… but as I mentioned in a previous post, there are patterns higher up on my wishlist. And as comfy and perfect as those pants look, I’m fairly confident I can find a decent tutorial on how to make basic PJ pants online. Such as this one. Thank you Pinterest! It would also be a good stash-busting project AND not to mention crucial at this point.

Here are two fabrics (both flanelette) I plan to make pairs of PJs out of.

pink houndstooth flannel

A pinky/red teeny tiny houndstooth print that I scored from my mum’s stash, and.

floral flanny PJs

A lime green and pink floral print I bought this week for $4.20 a metre. Bargain.

Perhaps when I complete those jobs, I’ll let myself buy the Bleuet dress. Just maybe!


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