In between and out of sorts

After I finish a project, I feel a bit lost. I’m daunted with all the options of which pattern/fabric/challenge to take on next, seeing as my sewing time and finances are so limited.

Of course, I have a giant stack of patterns that I will probably never get through, and yet I find myself hunting for new patterns in a quest to find new inspiration. Something about wanting what I haven’t got, yada yada.

But if I resist the voice of reason and my pitiful bank statement (I have two mortgages!) and allow my daydreams to press on, here is a (uber) short list of what I’d love to have in my pattern stash.

1. Colette Macaron

The Macaron is one of Colette’s most popular patterns, but for good reason IMHO. It’s such a cute dress and I’ve seen so many great versions of it that I can’t help but want to make my own. I have no idea what colours/fabrics I would make mine out of, but perhaps when I find the perfect fabric, I will treat myself to this great pattern.

2. V8615

What I love about this dress (apart from the fact it is rated very easy – YAY – and has custom cup sizing – DOUBLE YAY) is that it is a flattering cut for my figure and would make a great wardrobe builder. I can see it in lots of different solid colours, especially in some sort of double-knit fabric. And can I just say I am a teeny bit obsessed with houndstooth? I would freaking love this dress in houndstooth. Heck, I would love ANY item of clothing in houndstooth.

3. Sewaholic Thurlow

Look at those pants! They are such a great cut! My wardrobe is severely lacking in pants. Apart from jeans and tracksuit pants, I primarily wear dresses and skirts. These pants could open up a whole new world of outfits to me. The only thing stopping me from buying this pattern is the prospect of learning how to fit pants. A challenge to work towards, definitely.

4. Plaid tunic dress

I found this baby on Pinterest ages ago and it has been on my wishlist ever since. It’s just such an awesome casual look and I am just smitten with the style. It’s a bit different from the 50s floral vintage dresses I am usually attracted to, but god knows I need a bit of variety in my life (and sewing) and this little number would be a good place to start. Now to find a similar pattern!

5. Deer and Doe Bleuet

And here is a continuation of the aforementioned shirt dress obsession. This dress is so damn adorable and is exactly my style. There is nothing I would change about this dress. And anything that can be worn with tights and boots is a winner in my book!

I could go on, but then I’d be up all night and it’s already reaching stupid o’clock. I will return tomorrow (maybe) with a more practical list – one of patterns I already own and projects that can be actioned. Perhaps that will help me settle on my next endeavour… or I could order the Bleuet dress for $AUD 22…


2 thoughts on “In between and out of sorts

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